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Junior Infants FAQs


Application forms available from the school secretary, and must be submitted before the march preceding the September you wish your child to begin.  Confirmation  of your child’s place is via a deposit which is requested towards the  end of the school year.  Class lists and Book lists are mailed later.  A handout on school policies and on how to help your child settle in to school is also mailed later.

General outline of the Day

Doors open 8.50am, games and activities on each table for children to begin playing with.  Placenames out, and places are mixed up at various stages during the term.  Hours 9am – 1.30 (to 12.30 for first few days)There are two snacks during the day, children eat first then go outside to play.  Make sure they have food that they can eat quite quickly/ easily, and that they can open/ peel whatever you give.  No sweets allowed.


Available from specialist shops and also in usual chain stores. Children wear their Tracksuit in on Corp Oideachas days (twice a week) ie they don’t change in/ out of their Tracksuit.  Corp Oideachas can be in the Halla Mór or outside.


A booklist is sent out before term starts, you can get all the books yourself, or leave your list into the local bookshop for them to collet and bag for you.  There is a second hand book recycle morning generally held in the last week of the school term in June. Schoolbooks are collected by the teacher on the first day and kept in the classroom from then on, so the schoolbag doesn’t need to be huge – just enough for their lunch box, pencil case and one or two books that they get for homework.

Parent Teacher meeting

There is a ten minute meeting held in mid/end November to review the children’s progress.  The teacher reviews pre-reading skills/ letter recognition, pre–maths skills, ability to understand instructions, social ability (playing with other children), and general behaviour.


Booster vaccinations for age 4-5 given in school.  Written consent is requested, and you must accompany your child.  You can also get this booster at your GP and then withhold consent for the school vaccinations.


There is parking available near the school in the church car-park and a pedestrian crossing nearby.  Please do not park on the wheelchair parking space as this is required by wheelchair users.  Please park safely if parking on the road, remember to leave space for other parents with prams/ groups of children walking on the footpaths.